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Job Details

Company: FireEye, Inc.

Title: Penetration Tester

Location: New York, NY, USA

Summary: The primary focus of this role will be to perform penetration assessments and/or static and/or dynamic code reviews against customer’s infrastructure. In this role, candidates are expected to be able to conduct hands-on penetration testing beyond automated tool validation, conduct scenario-based and functional security testing during authenticated and unauthenticated testing, assess associated coding against well established and universally accepted best practices, develop comprehensive and accurate reports and presentations for both technical and executive audiences, communicate findings and strategy to client stakeholders and technical staff, and assist with remediation activities during testing. Successful candidates should possess a deep understanding of both information security and computer science, proactive testing, and coding best practices. They should understand basic concepts such as networking, applications, and operating system functionality and be able to learn advanced concepts such as application manipulation, exploit development, and stealthy operations. They should also be proficient at both writing as well as communications with both technical as well as non-technical audiences. At FireEye Mandiant, you’ll be faced with complex problem-solving opportunities and hands-on testing opportunities on a daily basis. We help our clients protect their most sensitive and valuable data through comprehensive and real-world scenario testing. The objective doesn’t end at gaining “domain admin” or “root”; this is expected and is only a starting point. You are expected to quickly assimilate new information as you will face new client environments on a weekly or monthly basis. You will be expected to understand all the threat vectors to each environment and properly assess them. You will get to work with some of the best in the industry, allowing you to develop new skills as you progress through your career. Are you up to the challenge?

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