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Job Details

Company: Proofpoint

Title: Security Research Engineer

Location: Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy)

Summary: This is a highly technical role that has a direct and real-time impact protecting Proofpoint customers. As a Security Research Engineer in Proofpoint’s Threat Research group, you’ll be part of an amazing, collaborative, industry-leading team focused on tracking threat actors, their malware, and their TTPs in order to develop static and dynamic (behavioral) signatures that detect and prevent email-based malware delivery and credential phishing attacks. If you enjoy keeping abreast of and analyzing attacker techniques and malware and using that knowledge to make a difference counteracting those threats on a broad scale, then this is the role for you. This role has a direct impact on the efficacy of Proofpoint products, the quality of Proofpoint’s intelligence, and the protection of Proofpoint customers.

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