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  • Red Team Operator

    SimSpace Corporation

    Do you think like an adversary, do you love to break into systems and enjoy penetrating and exploiting networks to reach a specified target? If so we are looking for experienced operators to join our Red Team. The Red Team is responsible for providing the Opposing Force during tests, training & exercises and will leverage the tools, tactics and techniques used by unsophisticated and sophisticated adversaries alike.


You have:
Relevant certifications from organizations like Offensive Security (OSCP/OSCE), or SANS
Equivalent experience with demonstrable requisite skills
Ability to think “outside the box” during engagements, tying together disparate vulnerabilities or misconfigurations to achieve the goal
Solid understanding of tactics and techniques used during offensive network operations and the ability to modify them to subvert defensive countermeasures
Experience with multiple operating systems (Windows, Unix/Linux etc.)
Knowledge of common system and network configurations, for multiple system types.
Solid understanding of networking, network protocols and their uses
Experience/knowledge of defensive tools/techniques (IDS/IPS, Packet Capture, Network Analysis, IR, AV, EDR, etc.)
Experience working with virtualization solutions

Your skills:
Experience with the commonly used attack frameworks (Cobalt Strike, Metasploit, CANVAS, Empire, Core Impact, etc.)
The ability to think and act as various adversaries during an engagement
Strong communication skills
Programming ability with any of the following:
Scripted Languages (Python, Ruby, PowerShell, Bash, Batch, PHP, etc.)
Compiled Languages (C/C++, Golang, etc.)


  • You will:
  • Engage in live Red versus Blue engagements with defenders who will be working to repel the adversary from their network
  • Assume the role of multiple adversaries to present varying levels of threat
  • Develop attack plans to meet customer specified objectives and provide sufficient engagement to challenge the defenders while not being overwhelming
  • Test and rehearse the attack techniques and tools prior to customer engagements to better ensure sufficient level of success
  • Develop and deliver debriefs to identify the success or failure of each attack while providing constructive feedback to the defenders on areas where they may improve
  • Strategize and coordinate with other Red Team operators to deconflict attacks and achieve the collective objectives
  • Constantly research and refine tactics and techniques to bolster our capability
  • Collaborate with our developers, providing feedback and assisting in the prioritization of attack tool development
  • Automate attack sequences for use in diverse training venues.
  • Develop, test and deploy custom attack tools designed to fill specific Red Team needs
  • Plan, develop, test and deploy individual and team training modules in the SimSpace training platform.


  • Travel Up to 25%
  • Incentives Stock options
  • Clearance & Citizenship U.S. Citizenship
  • Remote Work Full remote okay
  • Education High School Diploma
  • Salary Range Not provided

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