Active Placement Services

Finding the right job is about chemistry. Careful selection ensures best fit. Our agents help you throughout the process. From resume refinement to deal negotiations, we have your back.

Unique Matching System

Leveraging over 40 years of combined InfoSec experience, the NinjaJobs team has identified granular skill-sets and job characteristics key to successful placements.

Direct Communication

Leveraging our matching models and vetted membership, allows direct connections between hiring managers and professionals so there is no ambiguity about the positions or capabilities of the applicant.

What We Offer NinjaJobs fills top-tier roles with elite cybersecurity experts

Training and Career Forums

As a Ninja Pro, you'll have access to an exclusive online community. We will help you refine your profile, meet new people and learn about exciting opportunities. NinjaJobs is a community not a job board, from resume refinement to deal negotiations, we have your back.

Personalized Hiring Programs

Allow the experienced NinjaJobs team to help build your information security team by filling key roles or architecting a full team. We perform detailed skills and compensation assessments, so you win the talent you seek. Get the right fit from the get-go so you can build for the long-term.

Skills and Compensation Assessment

Vetted job seekers may leverage the NinjaJobs platform to create a detailed profile, including an assessment of key InfoSec skill-sets and goals. Aligning skills, location, lifestyle, and compensation to achieve hiring success.

Discreet Placement Services

Leverage the extensive reach and experience of the NinjaJobs network to help tailor your resume, make personal connections, and discreetly apply for critical roles in information security, many of which are not publicly posted. Under no circumstances will a candidate's name be released to a hiring organization until the interview is approved or initiated by the candidate.

Vetted Members

Hiring Organizations

Curated Positions

Successful Placements