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  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

    The FBI’s Applications and Data Division is looking for passionate technologists to help us face some of the nation’s toughest challenges. We provide the end-to-end technical services for the applications and data that enable FBI Special Agents and Analysts around the world to protect the American public and uphold the U.S. Constitution. Join us in developing technologies to further the mission of the FBI. Our goal is simple: stay ahead of the threat by delivering on the potential of software and data.


• You are confident and capable in reporting and communicating high-value metrics to leadership. You have a deep understanding of how site reliability influences users.
• You possess strong knowledge of data-center infrastructure and cloud platforms in working directly with the infrastructure and application teams.
• You are experienced in configuring and managing Software Defined Networks (SDNs).
• Your technical skills include Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat, Eclipse Jetty, Java, content delivery network tools or similar.
• You are familiar with log management systems such as Splunk.
• Your experience with automated configuration management tools includes software such as Puppet, Ansible or Chef.
• You are knowledgeable about automation and orchestration to enable continuous integration and continuous deployment of applications and infrastructure.
• You have a good understanding of networking and networking protocols, including the use of routers, switches, firewalls and load balancers, as well as TCP/IP, the OSI Model and network analysis tools.
• You are experienced in troubleshooting infrastructure problems and working with a team to resolve large-scale production issues.
• You have experience instrumenting and monitoring systems to gain visibility and understanding of how systems are performing.
• You can aid engineering teams in responding to production issues quickly using early warning and alerting technologies and aid in the development self-healing responses to problems.
• You have familiarity with agile methodologies, performance engineering and automation tools.

Minimum Qualifications:

You must:
• Be a U.S. citizen.
• Be able to obtain a Top-Secret Clearance-Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) clearance.
• Must meet the FBI’s Employment Eligibility requirements.

All applicants will be rated on the following competencies:
• Knowledge and expertise in site reliability tools and technologies.
• Analytic Thinking
• Communication
• Flexibility/Adaptability
• Initiative

What to Expect in the Hiring Phase:

The FBI’s mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States; you will be integral to delivering innovative software that helps the FBI accomplish that mission. Selecting great talent for our mission is one of the most important privileges we have. Part of the selection process will be for you to meet with a five-member panel of FBI technical experts and senior leaders in your field who will assess your problem-solving skills and technical acumen, as well as give you an opportunity to ask questions and make sure this role is a great fit for you.

To apply for this position, please send your resume (and direct all questions) to FBI_Apps_Data@fbi.gov.


  • As a Site Reliability Engineer, you are focused on maximum availability, reliability, security and performance for digital experiences by discovering and solving problems before they threaten mission-critical applications. You will combine engineering and software development experience and skills to drive best practices, patterns and architectures to maximize the availability, reliability and stability of platforms, processing and delivery of systems.


  • Travel No travel
  • Incentives Not provided
  • Clearance & Citizenship U.S. Citizenship
  • Remote Work No remote work
  • Education Bachelors Degree
  • Salary Range Not provided

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