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  • Security Analyst

    ThreatSpike Labs

    A security analyst position is available in our elite team to monitor the output of our in-house developed security monitoring technology which is deployed globally in banks, shipping companies, hedge funds, medical companies and retailers. This is an opportunity to apply deep technical knowledge in a real world, agile environment to detect active threats and to identify potential vulnerabilities that might affect our customers.


ThreatSpike Labs is a UK start-up company on a mission to provide the best possible security service for SMEs and enterprise businesses. Our personal belief is that the security industry has failed to deliver solutions that are easy to use, holistic, proactive and effective for the end customer. We are tackling this head on with a completely new software defined security platform that we have developed from scratch and a supporting team of experts with the skills and expertise to identify threats and vulnerabilities in customer networks.

Rather than focusing on building a large team, we are more focused on building a high quality team and providing a specialist, first class service for our customers. We are looking for an enthusiastic, experienced individual with excellent technical skills to join our team of security analysts who we will help develop into an industry expert.

As a security analyst, the candidate will be delivering critical information to our customers about issues affecting their networks. Not be confused with a traditional Security Operations Centre (SOC) role, this will involve a large amount of learning about networks, infrastructure, applications and security; and applying this knowledge along with our unique monitoring technology to identify threat actors who have breached the network as well as any vulnerabilities that could be used in the future. Once new vulnerabilities or attacks are detected, the candidate is expected to work with our customers to triage and help mitigate the issues, and our development team to design automated detection algorithms. If the findings are significant and break new ground, we will support the publishing of them and their responsible disclosure.

A perfect candidate would have:
● motivation, passion and determinism
● excellent problem solving skills
● a degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or physics
● understanding and interest in low level concepts including operating systems and networking
● an interest in security and understanding of key concepts and protocols
● experience in penetration testing and/or security monitoring
● a desire and ability to learn new topics and new technologies
● experience with programming
● hands on experience using different operating systems and networking technologies
● excellent communication skills

The selected candidate will be joining a small, but highly proficient team who have worked in banking, consulting and high tech previously. As a team we have a history of delivering on excessively ambitious challenges in aggressive time scales and you will have the opportunity to work first hand with people who are developing JIT compilers, kernel modules, network stacks, high speed correlation algorithms and artificial intelligence from first principles.

Any candidate must have the ability and desire to understand and learn new concepts on their own in addition to the training we will provide. We are committed to helping the selected candidate obtain professional certifications and present at industry conferences.


  • respond to and investigate alerts generated by our customer sites
  • perform reverse engineering, packet analysis, statistical analysis and code breaking
  • work with our development team to improve the effectiveness of our software
  • hunt around the network looking at any new protocols and interactions, applying their knowledge and expertise to determine any potential threats or vulnerabilities


  • Travel No travel
  • Incentives Not provided
  • Clearance & Citizenship No requirements
  • Remote Work Remote occasional
  • Education Bachelors Degree
  • Salary Range 50-70K

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